David Ulrich

David M. Ulrich, Executive Vice President

David Ulrich joined Wray Search as Vice President in 2006. He now works closely with many of the leading brands in our industry and has led national and international searches at director level and above. David has also recruited entire teams for clients wishing to expand into new markets. He has an extensive knowledge of the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry and the qualities senior executives need to shape profitable futures for their companies.

Before joining us, David worked with leading finance, technology and business service organizations Merrill Lynch, Pitney Bowes and Gartner. At Merrill Lynch, David worked for the specialized wealth management and lending group, focusing on national restaurant organizations. He retains extensive contacts in banking and private equity firms throughout the USA, giving him an in-depth knowledge of the financial realities of the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry.

Based in Tampa, FL, David travels extensively, seeing clients and candidates and attending industry conferences. Like everyone at Wray Search, David understands the current challenges facing the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry and the trends which will affect them over the next five to ten years.

“At Wray Search, we are helping our clients identify and recruit tomorrow’s leaders. For me, nothing is more satisfying than looking at an executive I helped to recruit five years ago, and seeing the significant contribution they’re making to a client’s business.”

David is a member of the National Restaurant Association, SHRM and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. He’s a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Economics and is married with three children. In his free time David enjoys the books of financial journalist Michael Lewis and plays hockey, tennis and golf – where he’s determined to get his handicap into single figures…

Senior-Level Recruiter, Florida Restaurant Management Recruiter - David Ulrich

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